My brother, his wife and two daughters visited me this summer. It was great having them.

This is the map I made for their visit but I didn’t have the stylization of the marker icons working until a while after they left.


I was with them most of the time so the map wasn’t really that necessary, but once in a while we’d split up and maybe we used it a couple of times. I can’t really remember, but it was fun. I enjoyed updating the map to show something relevant. For instance, Saturday morning was the Farmer’s market and Abby and I went to check that out. I updated the map to zoom in on that location with a marker in case Michael needed to know where we were. :)

You can specify the spot you want the map to zoom in on and you pick the level of zoom.

    var map ='map', {
	center: [57.049, -135.322],
	zoom: 16,
	layers: [streets, playgrounds, walks],
	detectRetina: true

Adding the marker for the Farmer’s market with a message about the time it’s open takes just two lines:

L.marker([57.0509, -135.3415]).addTo(map)
.bindPopup("Farmer's market. 10am - 1pm").openPopup();

It looked like this

Farmer's Market